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About Geonetric
Geonetric is an innovative software company that specializes in eHealth. We're continuously recognized as one of the fastest growing, coolest and most flexible places to work in the Corridor. That's like the human resources award trifecta! We have a unique culture - we have no managers. No organizational chart. No bottlenecks to slow our employees down. Our entire company went agile, which means everyone is on a self-organizing team, focused solely on how to best deliver value to our clients as quickly as possible. We hire smart people -- those who want to excel in their disciplines and work together to do inspiring work. If this sounds like something you'd like to be part of, check us out at www.geonetric.comto learn more about our workplace and the awesome work we do.
You'll be the face and voice of Geonetric. Ok, mostly the voice. And mostly to our clients. As a Client Advisor you'll be the primary point of contact for our clients and provide them with amazing customer service regarding everything from technical questions to strategic initiatives. You'll work with your team to visualize and convey the big picture. No two days will be the same

Don't Be Fooled

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